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Authentication Services:

    This service is an authentication registry that is designed to verify and ensure the authenticity of documents as a counter-measure to guard against fraud.

Eligible documents:

    Diplomas, Credentials or Official documents like passports, visas, certificates, ...

How it works:

Confer degree

Register degree


Authenticate degree

Eligible Organizations:

- Universities

- Colleges

- Governments

- Embassies

- Certification organizations

- Professional organizations

Graduates apply for employment

 Employers recruit

    Eligible organizations can apply with Genuinedocs for the authentication program. They will have to satisfy a set of due diligence criteria: accreditation, assessment of the document issuance process, auditability of the document, security features, ...

    Once approved, a document registration process is put in place. All documents deposited will be catalogued and available for authentication online on the  Genuinedocs website.

    For a limited set of organizations, we accept registration requests directly from holders of degrees or professional designations subject to verification.