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Benefits of joining GenuineDocs:

The benefits of joining Genuinedocs include:  

For institutions:

- Protect your valuable reputation
- Be part of a protected institutions network
- Eliminate and counter fraud targeting
- Enhance confidence in your students
- Increase trust by employers
- Speedier hiring of your graduates
- Attract more students
- Faster enrollment
- Revenue generation
- Cost reduction
- Free administrative resources
- Use of GenuineDocs Protection stickers

For Documents:

- Safeguard authenticity
- Protect in time and space
- Enhanced security and watermarking
- Detached security features
- Enhanced trust by users
- Easily verifiable
- Less prone to tampering
- GenuineDocs Protection stickers

For Employers:

- Hiring from renown institutions
- Higher degree of trust in institutions
- More efficient and simpler hiring process
- Easier credentials checks
- Less exposure to credentials fraud
- Reduce hiring costs
- Free HR resources

For Students:

- Belonging to protected institutions
- Enhanced confidence in their credentials
- Easier enrollment by other institutions
- Higher trust by employers
- Speedier employment